Last Minute Present Ideas for Engineers

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The Christmas season – the time of rest and reflection? Well… instead of love, harmony, warmth and a sense of well-being, many of us actually associate the pre-Christmas period with stress, deadlines and overtime. A pile of projects heaped up on our desk which, ideally, should be completed before the holidays. In our private life, Christmas parties, visits to or from relatives and preparations for Christmas dinner make schedules even busier.

But, let’s be honest: the greatest cause of stress comes from our desperate search for suitable presents. After all, we would like to get something "special" for everyone.

If this sentence makes you nervous – don’t panic! We are going to show you how you can still please your loved ones with only four days before Christmas, in spite of your long to-do list.

1. Give time as a present

Gift certificates have gone out of style in the last few years – too uninspired and impersonal. But what about giving out vouchers for today’s scarce and valuable asset of time?

 When one project pursues the next one at work, we often miss out on the time we share together with our partner, family or friends. So, time with loved ones is the perfect gift. This thoughtful gesture will surely bring delight. The possibilities are boundless – how about, for instance…

  • ...a weekend trip with the family,
  • ...a dinner in a starred restaurant around the corner with you dearest,
  • for the next home match of the favorite soccer team of your nephew,
  • ...or a climbing or dancing course together with friends?

At zeit-statt-zeug (time instead of stuff) you will find ideas on how to give time as a present using little money. You can create a personalized voucher and print it out. Give it a try!

2. Knowledge by subscription

With this gift idea, your loved ones can enjoy Christmas every month! With a magazine subscription you will not only provide entertainment over and over again, but also knowledge and food for thought.

Why don't you browse for the perfect package of knowlege? Only a few clicks and the first issue of the gift subscription will arrive at the recipient’s mailbox a few days later. All you have to do is to select the appropriate magazine and your present is purchased. Whether you choose a technical magazine is totally up to you ;-)

3. Do-it-yourself instead of buying

A self-made gift usually consumes more time, but should be considered, especially if you place high value on individual and personal gifts. Don’t worry, often you do not need to be a great craftsman for this.

What about a self-made photo calendar for the office? Or a self-built rack for the cherished vinyl record collection? Numerous suggestions and ideas can be found on internet sites like “Do-it-Yourself” ideas on the web.

Should you lack in creativity and time, a self-cooked 4-course candle-light meal will surely make the heart of your special guest beat faster. In a pinch, a candle holder made from a RINGFEDER coupling would be ok, too ;-)

4. Gifts with twice the meaning

Is there someone on your list who is interested in environmental topics or human rights? Or do you strive to give gifts with higher standards? By means of a gift donation you can give twice as much joy. Look for a suitable non-profit organization on the internet and determine the amount of your donation.

The receiver will then get a donation certificate and is regularly informed about the projects for which the donation is used. Many organizations also offer project sponsorships, for example a tree or whale sponsorship, if a more concrete destination of the donation is important to you.

In the end, however: With all the hustle and bustle around Christmas, do not forget the most important thing, and this is to share pleasant and peaceful days with those who are close to your heart. :-)


The RINGFEDER Team wishes you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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