Effectiveness, safety, customization, profitability – the diverse and complex requirements in drive and damping technology are constantly increasing and changing. How do development engineers approach them? What specific solutions do they create for different industrial and technological sectors? How are pioneering innovations successfully achieved that provide real added value? We discuss this and much more in our The Engineer's Blog.

Locking Assemblies Optimize Shredder Performance for Sustainable Farming

Shredding machines are more and more used by farmers in countries like India. Many farmers burn the crop residues in their fields after the harvesting season which greatly contributes to environmental pollution. While demands on pollution control and sustainable farming are growing, shredders are also highly in demand within the farming community. Shredders fall under the category of implements and are attached to the tractors. These machines shred plants, bushes or residues after the harvest.

Online Calculator Simplifies Locking Assembly Selection

Locking assemblies and locking elements come in so many sizes and different technical features that it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your application. That’s why we have developed our online calculation tool that makes it easy to select the right product.

Locking Assemblies in Energy Efficient High-Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) Fans

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans are generally ceiling-mounted and are less often of the wall-mounted type. They are more than 7ft (2.1 m) in diameter. Their functional principle relies on size and not on speed to move a large amount of air. Though HVLS fans are used in a wide variety of applications, they are predominantly used in the agriculture industry and in food storehouses, thus controlling temperature and reducing the spoilage of perishables goods. Other important application areas are manufacturing shop floors and warehouses where they efficiently control the temperature and increase the comfort of employees. This in turn increases the productivity of the workers in those spaces. There is yet another important advantage of using HVLS fans in manufacturing environments. By virtue of their function HVLS fans have the ability to reduce condensation and high humidity. As a result, rusting of machines and metal parts that are stored in manufacturing settings is effectively reduced. This doubles the benefit to business owners by making their employees happy and also protecting their goods. In the end, this means reduced costs.

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