Market Talk 6/19 - Brexit Scenarios, the Arena of the Future, Virtual Reality Rides, and what eSports and Mercedes Benz have in common

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Typically, engineers focus on the smallest of details. From time to time, however, it is worth taking a look at the big picture – or even beyond it. What are the concerns of the market? What is being talked about and above all: where does the journey lead to? Here is our overview.

Brexit and its implications for industry

An intensely debated topic that equally affects both economy and industry: Brexit and its consequences for the European Single Market. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has held office since July of this year, pushes through a no-deal exit on October 31, various scenarios are looming which would adversely target export- and import-oriented businesses. In the worst case, Great Britain would revert to a ‘third country’ status right away – changes in customs and foreign trade as well as prohibitions and restrictions for cross-border traffic of goods would be the inevitable result.

Companies with trading partnerships in Great Britain will be most affected when caught in the crossfire of the resulting scenarios. Irrespective of whether you belong to this group or not – it’s well worth reading this dbh Logistics IT AG article that summarizes Brexit and its impacts on their Brexit landingpage.

Motek: Come on and let’s visit the Arena of the Future!

From October 7 to 10, the industrial sector of production and assembly automation is meeting at the Motek in Stuttgart. The aim of the leading international trade fair: an in-depth insight into today’s information- and process-oriented industrial production.

The motto of the event: “Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly” emphasizes the fact that digitalization and integration into industrial worklife are no longer just a vision. Apart from other most interesting subjects, visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit the theme park “Arena of Integration (AoI)”, which makes the Smart Factory a real experience. If you don’t want to wait that long you can get a digital glimpse of what to expect by visiting the dedicated website Automation Intelligence to go! and click through the competence areas of the factory of the future.

Virtual_Reality_Rides; MacGyverNRW

Higher, faster, further with Virtual Reality Rides

It is known to (almost) everybody that rollercoaster rides are fun. Higher, faster and further – this not only is possible with the commonplace real rollercoaster, but also with robot-based virtual reality rides. And because greatest possible immersion – i.e. delving entirely into the virtual world – is the goal, the heart pounding effects of speed and the effects of the G-forces are crucial features to be simulated.

One of the world’s leading specialists in automation has addressed this topic: In order to appeal to all senses, KUKA developed a robot that tracks the movements which passengers see in their VR glasses. That means, it is a software-based real-time simulation that provides dizzying experiences. Learn more in the KUKA blog: Virtual Reality Rides – Next Generation Driving Fun.

eSports team with the Mercedes star on their chest

While VDA President Bernhard Mattes is still in a positive mood after the IAA motor show in Frankfurt, despite massive protests and the continued debate about environmentally unfriendly SUV, Mercedes-Benz dedicates time for a sportive topic: sponsoring. Who now thinks of the Formula 1 team or well-known tennis or golf professionals is unfortunately on the wrong track. It is more about eSports – or more precisely, excellence in sporting performance by using head and hands, monitor, mouse and keyboard. As this “sport” mainly attracts the younger generation, and because image promotion and branding also play important roles, Mercedes-Benz secured shares of the eSports Team SK Gaming in Cologne in January 2019.

To learn more about SK Gaming, how Mercedes-Benz benefits from the investment and, above all, about the key requisites and training requirements of a modern eSports organization, read the article on the Daimler-Blog.


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