Earthquake protection with SAP2000®: Use our instruction to implement RINGFEDER® Friction Springs into your construction

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Seismic protection is mandatory for the safety of structures, especially in earthquake-prone regions. In our latest blog post, we present the possibility of integrating RINGFEDER® Friction Springs into SAP2000®, one of the leading software solutions for designing and analysing structural systems. The instruction enables engineers with previous knowledge of SAP2000® dimension damping systems based on the Friction Spring.

Our instruction for civil engineers shows the exemplary implementation of the RINGFEDER® Friction Spring as a stiffening element in cross-bracing to efficiently model building structures and enable an economical and resource-saving design.

Due to its maintenance-free nature and resistance against high forces, the friction spring is ideally suited as a damper or tension-compression device in earthquake protection.

Earthquake protection with SAP2000®

Download our instructions now and discover the performance of the Friction Spring. Improve the safety of your structures and increase efficiency in the planning phase simultaneously. Download here and get one step closer to the optimal earthquake protection solution.

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