Economical Hollow Shaft Connections

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Many power transmission applications, including gearboxes, require a reliable connection between a solid and hollow shaft. This type of connection, however, only works well if the solid shaft outside diameter and hollow shaft inside diameter have been properly machined to exact dimensional tolerances and finishes. These precision machining factors drive up costs and limit the design freedom of solid-to-hollow shaft connections.


How it works. The Smart-Lock set consists of a series of cylindrical bushings and our Shrink Disc™ locking device. The bushings mate with the solid shaft’s outside diameter and the hollow shaft’s inside diameter. The Shrink Disc, meanwhile locks all components together using a series of tapered thrust rings that create a mechanical interference fit between the Smart-Lock bushings and the shafts.

Some performance characteristics include:

  • Transmissible torque from 580 to 5600 Nm (428 Lb-Ft to 4131 Lb-Ft)
  • Eight standard sizes of adaptor bushings for hollow shaft outside diameters from 44 to 90 mm
  • Clearances up to 0.2 mm (0.008”)

Saves money. The Smart-Lock set saves you money in three ways. First, it’s faster and easier to install and remove, thanks to the Shrink Disc technology. Second, the interchangeability of the bushings and different shaft sizes reduces the number of components needed to specify and stock in inventory. And lastly, the Smart-Lock can take up larger clearances, allowing you to use inexpensive commercial-grade solid shafting without any additional machining.


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Our new Smart-Lock set eliminates the need for a precision fit between the solid and hollow shaft, giving you a reliable connection without breaking the bank.