Explore Complete Coupling Systems for Heavy-Duty Cranes and Hoists [Video]

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Cranes and hoists are only as good as the components that make them up. One of their key components is the coupling, which is essential to maintaining uptime and enhancing the safety and reliability of your operation. Without the right coupling, your crane or hoist may not function properly, causing your process to grind to a halt. This kind of downtime is not welcome—especially where very high loads and expensive equipment are concerned.

In our new video, we explore the types of couplings that excel in crane and hoist applications. Ideal for heavy-duty equipment, Barrel Couplings TNK are highly robust and torsionally stiff. They also compensate for misalignment and are easy to assemble. Our offering includes bore sizes up to 550 millimeters and torques up to 1,390,000 Nm—making these components ideal for ship cranes, cargo cranes, steel mill cranes and more. Watch our new video to learn more.



Gear Couplings TNZ are also ideal for these applications . This component transmits torque via hubs with crowned gear teeth, which are in permanent mesh with the straight gear teeth of the sleeves—providing the highest torque transmission for the smallest size.

To learn more about our standard and custom couplings for heavy-duty applications, visit our website or send us contact request.

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