Video: What are the Main Functions of a Coupling?

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Couplings transmit torque in drive systems. But they are able to do more. These are the three essential functions of a coupling.


1. Transmitting torque

Power and speed result in torque. Only with the transmission of torque a machine can be operated.

2. Compensating misalignment

"If a coupling is not installed in the ideal physically straight manner, it must be capable of compensating misalignments between the driving and driven element", states Reinhardt Hackenschmidt, Academic Head for Engineering Design and CAD at the University of Bayreuth. "This may involve parallel, axial as well as angular misalignments."

3. Providing smooth operations

"With a coupling I can tune a system in a highly dynamical way, provide for operational smoothness and for shock absorption", explains Norbert Telaar, Head of Strategic Product Management at RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION. "A coupling should be able to handle all this."


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