Effectiveness, safety, customization, profitability – the diverse and complex requirements in drive and damping technology are constantly increasing and changing. How do development engineers approach them? What specific solutions do they create for different industrial and technological sectors? How are pioneering innovations successfully achieved that provide real added value? We discuss this and much more in our The Engineer's Blog.

Case Study: Locking Assemblies for Securing Rotors in Impact Crushers

 By courtesy ofKLEEMANN GmbH

Apart from transmitting the rotor torque, locking assemblies installed in crushers are subjected to further loads such as bending moments and radial impacts. The factors which have to be considered for these applications are briefly described in this article. Please also watch the video and learn how modern impact crushers work.

Market Talk 4/19 - Podcasts for Mechanical Engineers, Quantum Leap through 5G, one Year GDPR and Globalization 4.0, PourquoiPas

Typically, engineers focus on the smallest of details. From time to time, however, it is worth taking a look at the big picture – or even beyond it. What are the concerns of the market? What is being talked about and above all: where does the journey lead to? Here is our overview.

Review: EXPONOR 2019 (Antofagasta, Chile)

EXPONOR is an exhibition of global technology and innovation for the mining industry that takes place every two years in Antofagasta, Chile. A city located in a region at the heart of Chile's mining industry, which accounts for 54% of the country’s total metallic and non-metallic mineral production, including 16% of copper production.

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