Effectiveness, safety, customization, profitability – the diverse and complex requirements in drive and damping technology are constantly increasing and changing. How do development engineers approach them? What specific solutions do they create for different industrial and technological sectors? How are pioneering innovations successfully achieved that provide real added value? We discuss this and much more in our The Engineer's Blog.

The Top 4 Particularly Earthquake-Prone Regions

The risk of earthquakes is extremely unequally distributed because tectonic plates influence each other differently. While conditions are less hazardous directly on the plates, large earthquake-prone areas extend along the fault lines. We present you the Top 4 areas.

Earthquakes and Their Effects on the Environment

The effects of earthquakes can be devastating. Not only for our health and life, but also in terms of economic consequences. What kinds of damage are caused by the sudden release of energy? And why do they differ depending on the region?