Video: Benefits of Keyless vs. Keyed Shaft-Hub-Connections

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Keyed connection, connection with Shrink Disc, connection with Locking Assembly

Keyed shaft connections are common, but they have their shortcomings. In reciprocating applications, keyways tend to concentrate stresses around the key – leading to wear and possible failure. Fortunately, you have two alternatives that offer an even distribution of locking forces.

Number one, the Locking Assembly installs between the shaft and the clamped component. As you tighten the assembly, it expands radially, creating a robust compression fit with the shaft.

Your second keyless alternative is the Shrink Disc: Once you place this device over the hub and shaft, simply tighten the locking screws. This draws the Shrink Disc's outer and inner thrust rings together, compressing the hub tightly around the shaft. Eliminating keyed connections makes a difference in a wide variety of high-torque shaft applications: From packaging machines, to cranes and hoists.

Watch our video to find out more about the differences.




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