Video: Highly Flexible Couplings for Highest Demands in Drive Systems

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Nowadays engineers are facing various challenges which can be solved by selecting the right coupling. Shocks, heat, cold conditions, efficiency and work safety: machines and their drives have to meet highest requirements.



Example: CHP units. "Such plants are distinguished by the fact that they have a non-uniform torque", explains Norbert Telaar, Head of Strategic Product Management at RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION. "Non-uniform means, there may be possible excitations originating from the engine which can disturb the smooth operation of the drive."

To tune down the natural frequency of the system, engineers choose a highly elastic coupling. But simply highly flexible is no longer enough. Norbert Telaar and the team of engineers followed the objective to develop a highly flexible coupling which has a particularly soft characteristic curve and the option to adjust the stiffness with as little effort as possible.

Time for a new solution: Watch the video